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Flying Mint Bunny [userpic]
FMA_Awards is on Hiatus
by Flying Mint Bunny (haro)
at March 21st, 2008 (03:36 am)

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Why the hiatus?
It's mostly us. We dearly love FMA (seriously, the manga has been darn near perfect recently), but we're not as invested in the series as we used to be. It's a combination of moving on to other fandoms and just losing the motivation to run icontests. It's mostly the latter. We've been running icontests for almost four years and are admittedly a bit burnt out. This hiatus may very well be permanent, but we're not definitively outruling a return.

Why did it take you so long to post this?
No real valid excuse for that. We apologize.

If you would like a banner for one of the weeks you placed (and it hasn't been made yet) please comment HERE and we'll find time to make them.

Can I moderate the community instead of you putting it on hiatus?
No, we're sorry. However, if someone decides to make a new FMA icontest, we would be more than welcome to link it in this top post.

Thank you for one hundred and sixty-nine great weeks! ♥

-haro and abarero